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Two Different Views On A Comintern

Our party believes that “the decision to self-dissolve the CI was in complete opposition to the principles that served its founding. It was in contradiction with the spirit and the letter of the Communist Manifesto, with the principle of Proletarian Internationalism, with the need, under all circumstances, for a united revolutionary strategy of the Communist parties against international imperialism”.

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Lenin’s work is timely — Speech by G. Marinos at the online event of the European Communist Initiative

by European Communist Initiative On Thursday, 22 of April, 2021, 151 years since the birth of the leader of the October Revolution, the parties of the European Communist Initiative (ECI) held a teleconference dedicated to Lenin and the timeliness of his work, following a decision of the ECI Secretariat. The teleconference was attended by a […]

International Department League of Young Communists USA


From the Press Office of the CC of the KKE (11/17/20) The KKE condemns today’s orgy of government authoritarianism, police violence and repression. The government and the police unleashed unjustified, unprovoked attacks and verbal assaults against KKE MPs and cadres, including the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, proceeded to dozens of […]