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My Reply to Reviews of Two of my Books by Jean-Jacques Marie in Historical Materialism by Grover Furr

This article was originally found on the website of Professor Grover Furr: In December, 2021, Historical Materialism (HM), a British journal, published reviews of two of my books by Jean-Jacques Marie. Marie is the most prominent Trotskyist academic in the world today. (Marie’s review of Yezhov vs Stalin (YS) ; of Khrushchev Lied (KL)   Both of Marie’s reviews are full of crude […]

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Palestine solidarity action in Russia

Komsomol activists have held a picket in the heart of Moscow in supportof the struggling people of Palestine. The action of internationalsolidarity took place as a part of the campaign organized by the WorldFederation of Democratic Youth (WFDY). International imperialism uses every bit of leverage to hold the peoplesof developing countries in subjugation. So that […]

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Obituary for Enrico Pieri (1934-2021)

FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DES RÉSISTANTS (FIR) – ASSOCIATION ANTIFASCISTE OFFICE: Magdalenenstr. 19, D – 10365 Berlin FON: ++49 (0)30-55579083-4 E-MAIL: [email protected], INTERNET Enrico Pieri, one of the last witnesses of the massacre of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, deceased (1934-2021) The FIR takes leave of this committed Italian anti-fascist. Enrico Pieri was born on April 19, 1934, and survived […]

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FIR Newsletter 2021-49

Does NATO want to conjure up a war? FIR follows with concern the propagandistic escalation of Ukraine’s and NATO’s attacks against the Russian Federation with the claim that Russia is preparing a war against Ukraine. In time for the NATO meeting in the Baltics, Ukrainian President Volodimir Selensky claimed in November 2021 that Russian forces […]

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Statement by YANG, Kyeung-soo, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions president on his release from detention

Solidarity Greetings! I am YANG, Kyeung-soo, KCTU president. Thanks to your solidarity and support, I am back in the office after 84-day-long detention. I was sentenced to one year in prison, with 2 years’ suspension of the execution, and 3 million KRW (2,500 USD) of fine. The court found it guilty the resistance of the […]