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On the Situation In Myanmar (Burma)

by Timothy Dirte On January 31st the Tatmadaw (military of Burma) overthrew the bourgeois-democratic government of Burma over concerns for the legitimacy of the recent elections in Burma. The Tatmadaw (largely has said that they will remain in power for one year and appoint a new government. In a statement by the Communist Party of […]

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Applying Dimitrov on the United Front to Today’s Conditions

By Ali Forte Following the October Revolution, the victorious Bolshevik party’ united with the Mensheviks and the revolutionary elements of the SR party (or the left SRs), as well as anarchists and formed a united government, but before this, the parties had been united against the reactionary and Tsarist forces of the white army. The […]

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People’s School Questions Revisited: What are the characteristics of American Fascism?

Response to the 12/15/20 Class. By Timothy Dirté On February 20th, 1939 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, some 20,000 Americans gathered under the banner of the German American Bund (G.A.B.) pro-Nazi organization. The hall was draped in American flags, a giant picture of George Washington and swastikas all around. The purported theme […]