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My Reply to Reviews of Two of my Books by Jean-Jacques Marie in Historical Materialism by Grover Furr

This article was originally found on the website of Professor Grover Furr: In December, 2021, Historical Materialism (HM), a British journal, published reviews of two of my books by Jean-Jacques Marie. Marie is the most prominent Trotskyist academic in the world today. (Marie’s review of Yezhov vs Stalin (YS) ; of Khrushchev Lied (KL)   Both of Marie’s reviews are full of crude […]

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League of Young Communists USA Pledge

“To create a better world, I now take my place in the ranks of the international communist movement and the Party of Communists USA, the Party of the American working class (and its youth organization, the League of Young Communists USA). I take this solemn oath to give the best that is in me to […]

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KKE and French communists honored the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune

Article reposted from In Defense of Communism “We are here in Paris to culminate the rich program of tributes, events, publications and other activities through which our Party honors the heroic Paris Commune, 150 years since the first “storming of dream” by the working class. We are here, we walked in the footsteps of the […]

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Two Different Views On A Comintern

Our party believes that “the decision to self-dissolve the CI was in complete opposition to the principles that served its founding. It was in contradiction with the spirit and the letter of the Communist Manifesto, with the principle of Proletarian Internationalism, with the need, under all circumstances, for a united revolutionary strategy of the Communist parties against international imperialism”.

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Applying Dimitrov on the United Front to Today’s Conditions

By Ali Forte Following the October Revolution, the victorious Bolshevik party’ united with the Mensheviks and the revolutionary elements of the SR party (or the left SRs), as well as anarchists and formed a united government, but before this, the parties had been united against the reactionary and Tsarist forces of the white army. The […]

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By Thomas Finnegan As new and young comrades enter the sphere of leftist politics, many quickly become familiar with the classic L’Internationale, or The Internationale in English. This song has served the communist movement as a unifying melody, stressing the international relevance to the class struggle. Born from the struggle of the Paris Commune, this […]