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Alienated Youth

By Timothy Dirté The development of capitalism leads, in the final analysis, to not only the simplification of labor but its predominant occupation in society. We are presented today with the consequence of this in the form of a deepening crisis of chronic illness borne from the alienation inherent in capitalist production.[1] This is expressed […]

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Las luces verde olivo del triunfo

Por Mercedes Rodríguez García, publicado en Vanguardia (12/25/2020) Han pasado 62 años. Fueron 120 horas de asedio, desde el 28 de diciembre de 1958 hasta el primer día de Año Nuevo, cuando Santa Clara, ganada la batalla, sale a recibir a los victoriosos rebeldes. Ya la batalla va quedando lejos en el tiempo. Quienes no […]

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People’s School Questions Revisited: What are the characteristics of American Fascism?

Response to the 12/15/20 Class. By Timothy Dirté On February 20th, 1939 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, some 20,000 Americans gathered under the banner of the German American Bund (G.A.B.) pro-Nazi organization. The hall was draped in American flags, a giant picture of George Washington and swastikas all around. The purported theme […]

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From International Department of the Central Committee Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League Click the picture below to view their New Years greetings pdf: Happy  New  Year !      Queridos camaradas,      Le mandamos calurosos saludos solidarios marcando el Año Nuevo desde Pyongyang.      Le enviamos este correo recordando con profunda emoción el año pasado donde consolidamos invariablemente la […]

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Work With the Working Class, Not Against

By Thomas F. When looking at the working class within the US, it does not take a clairvoyant for someone to recognize that large portions of it are incredibly reactionary, with many espousing misogyny, homophobia, racism, and other prejudiced views. Many hold these viewpoints despite the very fact that their lives have been made difficult, […]

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By Thomas Finnegan As new and young comrades enter the sphere of leftist politics, many quickly become familiar with the classic L’Internationale, or The Internationale in English. This song has served the communist movement as a unifying melody, stressing the international relevance to the class struggle. Born from the struggle of the Paris Commune, this […]

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The Pandemic and its Consequences

By Timothy Dirté The world over, poverty, corruption, and despair for the workers multiplies with the half-measures in reaction to the pandemic. It has left wrought the global economy. Why? Fundamentally, finance capital cannot and has not allowed the necessary scientific measures needed to address the virus effectively. In fact, finance capital has enriched itself […]

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The Significance of the 2020 Indian General Strike

By Timothy Dirté On November 26th, 2020, over 250 million people in India went on strike. It is the largest strike in history being led by the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU). At the time of this writing, the strike still persists. It is caused by not only the present Modi government’s anti-worker policies, […]

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From the Press Office of the CC of the KKE (11/17/20) The KKE condemns today’s orgy of government authoritarianism, police violence and repression. The government and the police unleashed unjustified, unprovoked attacks and verbal assaults against KKE MPs and cadres, including the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, proceeded to dozens of […]