The League of Young Communists USA is the Communist Youth Organization of the Party of Communists USA

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Construction of the Soviet Flag

By Victoria C., LYC Louisiana Soviet flags are a symbol of the working class. They where the nationalflags of the Soviet Union. These flags are actually made quitedifferently from other flags. Specifically the 1980 constructionspecifications of the soviet flag defines these flags. They can vary alittle bit. These flag’s variations where manufacture dependent, butthey all […]

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Invitation to RKU’s 15th congress

The LYC UJC congratulates the RKU on its Fifteenth Congress. The Swedish Communist Party has been at the forefront of the Scandinavian Labor Movement since its inception in 1970 and is a source of inspiration among our Nordic brothers and sisters. The pandemic has certainly made things difficult for everyone around the world. Once the pandemic abates, we hope to find a way to further increase the bond between our youth leagues. We congratulate the RKU on nearly 30 years of the publication of Rebell.

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La Commune de Paris

By Christian Lourdin This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune. It only lasted 72 days from March 18th, 1871 to May 28th, 1871. The Paris Commune was the very first socialist revolution in history that actually held power. It was the first realization of the dictatorship of the proletariat, when the working […]

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Biden Administration Continues Warlike Policy Against the People of Korea

From the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the League of Young Communists USA The extradition of a DPRK citizen living in Malaysia, Mun Chol Myong, by the United States is a political arrest and kidnapping in broad daylight in defiance of international law and stability. Malaysia, a country which had a fascist military […]

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Las luces verde olivo del triunfo

Por Mercedes Rodríguez García, publicado en Vanguardia (12/25/2020) Han pasado 62 años. Fueron 120 horas de asedio, desde el 28 de diciembre de 1958 hasta el primer día de Año Nuevo, cuando Santa Clara, ganada la batalla, sale a recibir a los victoriosos rebeldes. Ya la batalla va quedando lejos en el tiempo. Quienes no […]

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From the Press Office of the CC of the KKE (11/17/20) The KKE condemns today’s orgy of government authoritarianism, police violence and repression. The government and the police unleashed unjustified, unprovoked attacks and verbal assaults against KKE MPs and cadres, including the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, proceeded to dozens of […]

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Role of Discipline in the Party

[NOTE: The study paper below was used in political education classes of the New Jewel Movement; author and date unknown.] To preserve the unity and monolithic character of its ranks, the Leninist Party must observe proletarian discipline. Lenin said that As we proceed with the building of a real party, the class-conscious worker must […]

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History of the Grenada Revolution

By Maurice Bishop Further reading: 13 March 1979,Radio Free Grenada,Maurice Bishop,Address to the Nation Brothers and Sisters, This is Maurice Bishop speaking. At 4.15 am this morning, the People’s Revolutionary Army seized control of the army barracks at True Blue. The barracks were burned to the ground. After half-an-hour struggle, the forces of Gairy’s […]