The League of Young Communists USA is the Communist Youth Organization of the Party of Communists USA

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Palestine solidarity action in Russia

Komsomol activists have held a picket in the heart of Moscow in supportof the struggling people of Palestine. The action of internationalsolidarity took place as a part of the campaign organized by the WorldFederation of Democratic Youth (WFDY). International imperialism uses every bit of leverage to hold the peoplesof developing countries in subjugation. So that […]

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League of Young Communists USA Pledge

“To create a better world, I now take my place in the ranks of the international communist movement and the Party of Communists USA, the Party of the American working class (and its youth organization, the League of Young Communists USA). I take this solemn oath to give the best that is in me to […]

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Protest against the senseless hike in Petrol-Diesel-Cooking Gas price on November 3, DYFI Foundation day!

Fuel prices continued to surge to record high levels today November 1, for the sixth straight day. The prices rose to such height that in Mumbai, price of petrol is Rs.115/- with an average of Rs.110./- in the country. The immense hike in commercial LPG cylinder price is a shocker prior to Diwali. The average […]

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Solidarity with the Sudanese people

Party of Communists USA The Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) stands in solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party and the Sudanese people in their fight against military dictatorship and their capitalist sponsors Sudan. Our party stands shoulder to shoulder with the progressive forces around the world. We recognize the role of US imperialism and AFRICOM in […]

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Disability and Capitalism

by Phillip B. The concept of disability is not necessarily one that is created to help people in our society, but rather one that is used to label people as “less than” able to create based on the standards put forth by capitalists.  We do not define disability by something that a person needs, we […]

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions

by Logan Holder What is the principal task of the Marxist-Leninist? In general terms, our task is the advancement and successful achievement of the emancipation of the proletariat. In order for these efforts to be successful, our general strategy and political program should be centered solely on the basis of class struggle. It’s with this […]