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My Reply to Reviews of Two of my Books by Jean-Jacques Marie in Historical Materialism by Grover Furr

This article was originally found on the website of Professor Grover Furr: In December, 2021, Historical Materialism (HM), a British journal, published reviews of two of my books by Jean-Jacques Marie. Marie is the most prominent Trotskyist academic in the world today. (Marie’s review of Yezhov vs Stalin (YS) ; of Khrushchev Lied (KL)   Both of Marie’s reviews are full of crude […]

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Obituary for Enrico Pieri (1934-2021)

FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DES RÉSISTANTS (FIR) – ASSOCIATION ANTIFASCISTE OFFICE: Magdalenenstr. 19, D – 10365 Berlin FON: ++49 (0)30-55579083-4 E-MAIL: [email protected], INTERNET Enrico Pieri, one of the last witnesses of the massacre of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, deceased (1934-2021) The FIR takes leave of this committed Italian anti-fascist. Enrico Pieri was born on April 19, 1934, and survived […]

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FIR Newsletter 2021-49

Does NATO want to conjure up a war? FIR follows with concern the propagandistic escalation of Ukraine’s and NATO’s attacks against the Russian Federation with the claim that Russia is preparing a war against Ukraine. In time for the NATO meeting in the Baltics, Ukrainian President Volodimir Selensky claimed in November 2021 that Russian forces […]

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“Crystal Night” 1938 – we do not forget!

Even if this year is not a “round” anniversary, the FIR remembers with this newsletter the anti-Semitic pogroms of November 1938 in the German Reich and Austria, which had become part of the “Greater German Reich” since March 1938.The occasion for these outrages had been created by the German fascists themselves with the forced deportation […]

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Joint statement by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics Vladislav Deynego and Natalia Nikonorova in connection with the statements of the EU Special Representative for Human Rights

The other day Eamon Gilmore, the Special Representative of the European Union for Human Rights, visited Ukraine, as well as the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics temporarily controlled by Ukraine. Following the results of his trip, Gilmore expressed opinions in a number of media outlets raising many questions about the compliance of […]

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Somewhere out in the boondocks of the DPR / Где-то в глуши ДНР

Just before Easter, Russell Bentley, Father Boris and the Donbass Humanitarian Aid crew took a road trip to the village of Novobeshevo in DPR, which saw heavy fighting in 2014. Julia and her 6 kids are in tough times, no jobs out in the country, small relief payments from the Republic, house needs repairs, and […]

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USFSP October Revolution Webinar Livestream (11/7/20)

By Timothy Dirté The US Friends of the Soviet People held a webinar for the 103rd anniversary of the October Revolution! It was on November 7th at 12:00 EST (or 17:00 UTC, 20:00 Moscow Time) and went for approximately one hour. This meeting was held using our new platform called BigBlueButton, and despite some minor […]