US Movement in the Middle East Pushes Conflagration, should not be Overshadowed by Ukraine

Message from the National Chair of the Central Committee of the Party of Communists USA 02/03/22

The first week of February 2022 has seen the United States conduct further military operations in Syria and a renewal of military support to the United Arab Emirates. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has pledged to send the USS Cole destroyer and new jets to the UAE due to Ansar Allah’s missile and drone strikes on infrastructure.1

Saudi Arabia requested additional US troops and military hardware after missile and drone strikes dealt blows to its oil industry, and military defeats led the US to build up a larger presence in the Kingdom.2 3 It should be noted that the Yemen war is a fratricidal conflict caused by Saudi Arabia and its allies such as Israel and the UAE.

Saudi airstrikes are continuing as is the buildup of foreign advisors and mercenary forces.4 The US leadership is doubling down on support of its colony of Saudi Arabia, engaging the Gulf states further into conflict in Yemen, which will only cause a greater conflagration in the Middle East itself.

At the same time, the Biden Administration’s attack which killed the leader of “ISIS” is an attack on the sovereignty of the duly elected government of Syria. ISIS, Al-Nusra, and the “Free Syrian Army” are the US-Saudi-Israel mercenary forces that destabilized Syria until their defeat at the hands of the Syrian government and were then subsequently “defeated” by the Trump Administration.5

From the Communist perspective, and relating to the working class, it can be said that the war between Ansar Allah and the US-Saudi coalition is akin to a war of national liberation and a fight for sovereignty and not in itself a class conflict. The Yemen war, also relating to the fighting in Syria, has developed into a socio-political and religious struggle, which may see the defeat of the Saudi Kingdom and its version of Islam. This will bring political repercussions both throughout the region and globally due to the petro-dollar and Saudi oil industry.

Noting that this region is in conflict under these conditions, US Communists should take the side of anti-imperialism. Domestically, this means calling for the United States to withdraw military and economic support to the Saudi coalition, and to end sanctions upon Yemen. The United States entered the Middle East with an underestimation of the scale of the conflict involved, and likewise the commitment of the other side. The war in Yemen, and a victory for Ansar Allah, will end in a new strategic vision and realignment in the region.6 The coming period will see an internet attack by Saudi Arabia, using troll farms, algorithms, and the new nature of asymmetrical online warfare used against Ansar Allah. As the media focuses on Ukraine, United States citizens should not forget about Yemen.


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