Statement on the Elections in Lebanon

International Department of the CC of the PCUSA

Flag of the Lebanese Communist Party

Comrade members of the Lebanese Communist Party,

Congratulations on your electoral victory on May 15 when for the first time a Lebanese Communist Elias Jaradah won election to the Lebanese Parliament!

Comrades, we applaud your struggle against US imperialism and Zionism, for not only is
Lebanon the only country in the Middle East and North Africa that has defeated the Zionist state in combat, but has done that twice!

May reflection on these achievements fill you with optimism for the future, especially in dealing
with the rise of fascism in Lebanon.

We are outraged that the US government has driven down the value of the Lebanese currency
from 1500 per dollar now down to 30,000 per dollar. As former Assistant Secretary of State
David Shenker admitted recently on a Policy Forum at the Washington Institute for Near East
Policy, the US has been trying to drive the Lebanese economy into disorder and collapse for
several years. The US was the reason that Moody’s downgraded Lebanon’s credit rating. The US was the reason that the Jammal Trust Bank with its 25 branches closed, under the attack of US sanctions. These actions precipitated the current Lebanese economic crisis.

It borders on the absurd that after driving the Lebanese economy towards bankruptcy, the West and its agents are demanding that Lebanon implement “structural reforms” and accept a
dangerous “bailout” from the IMF to recover from the problems caused by the West. We join
you in resisting any proposal to hand over Lebanon’s sovereign oil and gas holdings in exchange for a bailout from these problems caused by the US and its allies. With you, we reject the proposal that Lebanon become indebted in exchange for a bailout from these problems caused by the US and its allies.

To a large degree the US and its allies carried out these actions to affect the outcome of the
elections held 15 May where the US openly supported fascist parties in order to drive Hezbollah from power. That effort failed and instead a Communist was elected to the Parliament for the first time. Today, we pledge our support and offer our hand in your fight against fascism in Lebanon as seen by the election of 23 members of Parliament from the two fascist parties in Lebanon, the “Lebanese Forces” and the “Phalange.”

It is outrageous that this electoral result was achieved intentionally through manipulation of the Lebanese currency by the US government! Especially so after these fascist parties attacked in broad daylight a peaceful demonstration of Shia from the Hezbollah and Amal parties and killed 7 and wounded 32. A fascist sniper even killed a mother who was hanging up laundry and not by accident; she received a bullet in the middle of her forehead.

So, Comrades, we applaud you and congratulate you. May you achieve great success in memory of Hussein Mroue and Mahdi Amel!

International Department of the CC of the PCUSA