Under the Banner of Victory in the Fight Against Capitalism!


Soviet flag raised over the Reichstag on May 9, 1945.

“The great sacrifices made by us in the name of the freedom and independence of our Motherland, the incalculable hardships and suffering experienced by our people during the war, the hard work in the rear and at the front, given to the altar of the fatherland, were not in vain and were crowned with a complete victory over the enemy”. (Supreme Commander-in-Chief IV Stalin. From the Address to the People on May 9, 1945)

There is an indisputable and insurmountable, no matter how anyone would like the opposite, fact – the Soviet people, under the leadership of the Communist Party, utterly defeated Hitler’s fascism during the Great Patriotic War and, as a sign of their Great Victory, hoisted the Red Banner over the defeated capital of the enemy. The banner, we note, of the first state in the world of workers and peasants, the Soviet Union, with the symbols of working people – the Star, the Sickle, and the Hammer.

This Victory meant for history a gigantic weakening of the forces of imperialist reaction and an equally gigantic strengthening of the positions of the forces of progress since it was won by the country of socialism over the shock detachment of the capitalist world – fascism and its Anti -Comintern Pact. The subsequent formation of the socialist system of states in Europe, and the accession to this system of individual countries of Asia and Latin America is convincing evidence of this.

It is quite natural that the capitalist world immediately launched an attack on the Victory of the Soviet people. As soon as the fighting with the Nazis subsided, the recent allies of the USSR in the anti-Hitler coalition began to prepare plans for an attack on the Soviet Union. They began nuclear blackmail, the overthrow of progressive regimes and the persecution of communists, and the encirclement of our country with a ring of military bases. The imperialists unleashed dozens of local wars in the post-war period in order to prevent mankind from entering the socialist path of development. It was a real tragedy for the world that the plans of the imperialist hawks coincided at a certain stage with the intentions of the new bourgeoisie that had formed in Soviet society, which, as a result of mistakes and the degeneration of the CPSU, managed to break through to power in Gorbachev’s times.

The bourgeois counter-revolution that took place in the USSR, from the class point of view, meant the almost complete destruction of the results of the Great Victory of the Soviet people. First of all, the destruction of the socialist social system and Soviet power, for which Soviet soldiers fought at the front and Soviet workers stood at open-hearth furnaces and machine tools in the rear. Capitalism that came back to our land brought with it the loss of all the revolutionary gains of our people in labor, the social sphere, education, health care, and culture. He brought with him the forgotten division of people into masters and servants, the moral degradation of society, and the ideological “failure” into the past, including the revival of nationalist ideology. It led to huge human and material losses, including geopolitical losses with the advent of NATO missiles on our borders.

The bourgeois regime in Russia itself began by defaming and humiliating the Victory with a vile statement of the question, to the point of “why did they fight the Germans, would they lay down under them, and now they would drink Bavarian beer.” But over time, making sure that the victory over fascism for the people could not be crossed out just like that, the regime went as far as to make Victory Day its main public holiday, since it is impossible to find any holidays associated with the restoration of capitalism. But at the same time, he made a monstrous malicious substitution of concepts, celebrating Victory Day over the Nazis under the flag of the accomplices of the Nazis – the Vlasovites. At the same time, they continue to try in every possible way to eradicate everything Soviet and communist from the Victory, presenting it as a kind of impulse of the people devoid of any “politics” out of love for their homeland. Now we are talking a lot about the “fakes” spread by the Ukrainian Nazis against the Russian troops. But the real “fakes” are films concocted by the Russian bourgeoisie about the Great Patriotic War, where the heroes are priests and criminals who achieve victories in spite of the bloodthirsty commissars and special villains.

Among the shots of today’s Ukrainian war, shots flickered, literally tearing the soul, where an old woman holds a red flag in her hands and says that under it her fathers fought against the Nazis. And back in 2014, the Donbass militias raised the same red flag over Saur-mogila, holding the defense against the Nazis. This is what frightens the bourgeois, even Russian, even Ukrainian, even any other, in our Great Victory! It was waged against the fascists nurtured by the capitalists for the Soviet power of the working people and for the social order in the name of the working people – the socialist system. (And the bourgeoisie is not capable of any decisive and consistent war against fascism, since it has other, selfish interests).

Our task is to raise the Red Flag – the Banner of Victory, which united all the peoples and nationalities of the Soviet Union and led the Soviet people to the battle against the Nazis for their Soviet socialist Motherland. And let it lead us to the same “people’s holy war” against parasites and capitalism in Ukraine, in the Donbass, in Russia, and in all countries that are fighting and watching.

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