The 77th Anniversary of the Great Victory

Translation: Revolutionary Communist Youth League

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Revolutionary Komsomol – RKSM (b), we heartily congratulate you on the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet people and other liberated European peoples over Nazism! The feat of the Soviet people, who bore the brunt of the struggle, suffering, and genocide during the Second World War, will never fade from the memory of humankind.

In 1945, millions of people around the world longed to put an end to any wars. Many thought that Nazism/Fascism would never be resurrected again. However, even the Comintern rightly pointed out that Fascism is a product of Imperialism. The events of the late 20th – early 21st centuries clearly demonstrated that capitalists still hold Fascism in their arsenal. In the last decade, we have seen how Fascism has expanded and strengthened in Ukraine.

The victory over Nazi Germany is actively used by the bourgeoisie of different countries in their political speculations. On the one hand, the imperialist forces of Europe, the United States, and other countries are trying to present the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people as a “battle between two totalitarian regimes”. They try to equate Communism and Fascism and falsely and hypocritically blame the liberators for mythical “crimes”, the origins of which can often be found in Dr. Joseph Goebbels. But we know well that it was European Imperialism that fed Nazism; it was European imperialism that for years fanned the flames of war and condoned Hitler’s aggression. Those corporations that brought Hitler to power in Germany are still existing and multiplying their capital and often influence the policy of the European Union.

On the other hand, Imperialist Russia is actively exploiting the historical memory of the Great Victory for its own interests. Hiding behind the red banner and playing on the patriotic feelings of the people, Russian Capitalists unleashed the war in which it pursues its own interests. The war between Russia and Ukraine has nothing to do with “anti-Fascism”. It has nothing to do with the interests of the people of Russia and Ukraine. We know very well that Russian Capitalists themselves did not hesitate to support the Ukrainian Nazis when it was beneficial for them. We are well aware that Russian capital encourages the most reactionary forces in its own country and nurtures chauvinistic and Nazi sentiments. The ruling classes of Russia and Ukraine are united in their anti-communism policy; there is no fundamental difference between them. The only difference is that the Ukrainian bourgeoisie uses Nazism and anti-communism rhetoric openly, while Russian capital is sometimes forced to wag and pretend. However, the trends are the same, and Fascism is advancing in Russia in exactly the same way as it did in Ukraine.

Dear comrades! The best way to celebrate the anniversary of the Great Victory is to do everything possible to fight modern Fascism and its cause, Capitalism. We wish you success in this difficult task! Proletarians of all countries, unite!

The International Department of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks) — RKSM(b)

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