Biden’s Imperialism and the CPUSA’s Complicity

President Biden (left) & CPUSA Co-Chair Joe Sims (right)

ON NOVEMBER 29th the Biden Administration released an upcoming plan to mobilize military forces in the Indo-Pacific Region.1 With what originally started under President Obama and his “Pivot to the Pacific” strategy, Biden continues in these footsteps with increased aggression towards China2 and the DPRK, as well as stationing of troops in Australia.3 Since his inauguration, President Biden, with the support of NATO, has taken hostile steps in the region towards both Russia and China. Likewise, the Communist Party USA’s support of the Biden Administration and – as they call – the Democrat’s “progressive governing agenda” shows their political bankruptcy and opportunism in advocating for status quo liberalism.

Imperialism is not a new strategy for Joe Biden (considering Barack Obama’s reputation of executing over 500 drone strikes in countries overseas) and continues once again with him at the helm.4 Despite the oft-given point that Biden evacuated troops from the now 20-year occupation of Afghanistan, it was merely a strategical pivot towards the Indo-Pacific region. Arms sales to Australia have increased, threats towards China have escalated, and Ukraine has been used as a foothold to further destabilize the region. While the Biden administration flounders to provide any type of relief to working people in the country who have suffered extensively under COVID-19, US imperialism remains wholly intact. The so-called “progressive” presidency and its promises of reform have all been left by the wayside for continued militarism and foreign aggression.

During all of this, the CPUSA has offered up its words of condemnation for the violence Biden’s administration has used against Haitian migrants,5 the bombing of Syria,6 and other instances, but with the CPUSA’s vocal and enthusiastic support during the 2020 election cycle, this feigned ignorance is little more than brazen opportunism. To claim that Democrats seek “not just to rebuild the economy, but to transform it”7 is a spit in the face of the working class that has suffered around the country from excruciating labor conditions, low pay, and inflation. As Lenin said in his letter to the workers and peasants, “it is time we learned to judge political parties not by their words, but by their deeds.”8 And what has the CPUSA done in the 21st century besides write deceiving declarations of supposed proletarian justice in service of revisionism? From framing Obama as having a “bold vision for a more socially and economically just nation” to supporting Biden’s supposed “most progressive platform of any major-party nominee in history,”9 what has the CPUSA accomplished besides being a mouthpiece for liberalism? The party has grown to be akin to the Mensheviks of Lenin’s time, revolutionaries only in words and showing its sympathies towards capital at moments when class consciousness is needed most. Joe Sims, John Bachtell, and their lackeys continue to lead their members astray under the guise of being “principled” yet, by continuing to support the Democrats, show their true colors as defenders of the bourgeoisie.

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