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Statement by YANG, Kyeung-soo, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions president on his release from detention

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Solidarity Greetings! I am YANG, Kyeung-soo, KCTU president.

Thanks to your solidarity and support, I am back in the office after 84-day-long detention. I was sentenced to one year in prison, with 2 years’ suspension of the execution, and 3 million KRW (2,500 USD) of fine. The court found it guilty the resistance of the workers amid the pandemic.

I express my gratitude for the international solidarity you showed to change this reality. With the power of your solidarity, I could come back earlier. Under the Covid-19 pandemic, under the industrial transition and rapid change of society, we are fighting together for workers’ livelihood. We will continue our struggle to make the Labor Standard Act applicable for ALL workers.

Under the climate crisis, we will fight for the just transition with jobs.We will fight to change Korean society, which has been ruined by neoliberalism. We will extend our strength and solidarity in your struggle. Messages of solidarity and support from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa made me stay strong for the detention period. I will never forget the spirit of international solidarity I received and carried out in our actions.

I will stand together with the international labour movement for the immediate release of brother Lee, Cheuk-yan the HKCTU general secretary and all the imprisoned workers around the world. Your support made it possible for the workers in Korea to continue the struggle under repression.

Once again, I heartily thank you. Tujaeng!