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REMEMBER THE ROSENBERGS!!! Executed – June 19th, 1953 by the US government

by Central Committee of PCUSA

In 1953, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed by the US government and accused of being spies for the Soviet Union.

The frame-up trial by the government has to be seen in the light of the cold war that existed in the mid 20th century.
Because of the anti-communist political climate at the time, the conviction of two American Communists was a foregone conclusion.

Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, the venerable African American historian, and peace activist declared the Rosenberg Case to be a case against elementary civil rights, against every ideal of democracy.

“In the midst of war and fear we do unbelievable things, we rush to lying, slander, and hate because we fear what war will do to us and to ours. In blind recoil, from mass murder, we do anything which in our pervert imagination seems likely to save us from war. This is the reason why here, in the nation which was born in peace and justice, we are almost without pretext committing national crimes against humanity, against elementary civil rights, and any idea of democracy. Public opinion which crucifies a father and mother in the prime of their life is based on the fear of disaster to the whole nation, but fear is not fact, and ignorantly to commit an unforgivable crime in the name of a greater crime is no excuse.”

W.E.B. DuBois

The Rosenbergs were convicted for atomic spying, a false accusation. During WW2, Julius Rosenberg and Morton Sorbel helped our Soviet allies with transferring information on radar technology needed in the fight against fascism in Europe.

If not in the name of justice, then in the name of national welfare, (although the two forever go together), the Rosenbergs should not have been electrocuted by the US government. Ethel Rosenberg, a mother of two children, was one of the first women electrocuted by the US government.

Remember it was our government that murdered Italian immigrants Sacco and Vanzetti -their only crime was that they were immigrants and not supporters of the capitalist system. Like the Rosenbergs, they were murdered by a capitalist bureaucracy disdainful of their lives and innocence.

It is no different today where immigrants and people of color are murdered almost daily and the capitalist system allows it to continue.

Remember the Rosenbergs.
Remember Sacco and Vanzetti.
Remember Joe Hill.
Remember the Scottsboro Boys.
Remember George Floyd.