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“DFLP”: The honorable position of our brotherly people in Morocco confirms the fragility of normalization

by Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in a statement, praised all the expressions of praise and fraternal and militant gratitude for the honorable position of the brotherly people of Morocco, and their exit to the street by the thousands, in massive demonstrations that took place in the major Moroccan cities, under the slogan “Free Palestine, Israel out” reaffirming the national, patriotic, and militant identity of the brotherly people of Morocco and their political forces in all their different political and intellectual orientations, and their principles, firm, strong and courageous stance on the side of our Palestinian people, in their steadfastness against the occupation forces and settlers and waging battles of honor in defense of every inch of the land of Palestine, and Jerusalem is its heart and Al Aqsa is its distinctive mark.

The Front said that the honorable position of our people in the brotherly Morocco highlights that the normalization done by the Moroccan authorities does not reflect the will of the people or their desire, but rather contradicts them completely, and that normalization with Israel did not change the political reality of the masses of our people in Morocco, who have always been used to raising  a slogan they did not back down from one day: “Palestine is Arab.”

The Front concluded: Palestine will remain Arab, despite the nose of the occupation and the US-Zionist alliance, and will not deter its people from continuing the struggle to defeat the occupation and expel the settlers, any sacrifices and difficulties, and its resolve will not be discouraged by corrupt and downward solutions projects, including the project to return to the  national quartet, which the national cause has caused great damage.■