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Dear comrades,
First of all, we hope all of you, your family and your friends are doing well despite the difficult situation we are facing worldwide because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the following email, you can find the last updates of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.
Whatever you need, we keep in touch.
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1) LAME campaign.
Solidarity Campaign with Brazil: “Out with Bolsonaro, Mourão and their allies! For vaccination, jobs, bread and education for the youth!”

In Brazil, we are living the most critical moment of the Covid-19 pandemic since the first cases appeared a year ago. New cases and daily deaths are rapidly increasing, reaching a national moving average of more than 3,000 deaths by covid per day – and a total of more than 330,000 deaths. The bourgeoisie’s denialist and genocidal policy implemented by the Bolsonaro-Mourão government became allies with a virus, by hindering access to vaccines, the deepening of privatization over the public health system and the cancelling of social policies. The provincial governments and mayors – who have also carried out ineffective actions – are equally to blame for this scenario.

In the economic sphere, Brazil has a 4% of GDP retraction and is returning to the UN hunger map, with the majority of the economically active population unemployed or working informally and 15 million people living in poverty. The government’s neoliberal agenda (widely supported by the bourgeoisie) ignores the need to implement emergency aid during the health crisis while maintaining the attacks on labour rights and public services.

The business sector takes advantage of the pandemic to make remote education a permanent reality for students of public and private schools and universities.

Facing this scenario, young Brazilians have held demonstrations that demand vaccines, bread, jobs and education. We warn that despite the restitution of Lula’s political rights and the possibility of him being a candidate in the 2022 elections, only the unity and the struggle of the working class will be able to defeat the fascist and liberal project that is becoming stronger in Brazil.

For this reason, WFDY launches the solidarity campaign “Out with Bolsonaro, Mourão and their allies! For vaccination, jobs, bread and education for the youth!”.

We call all WFDY member-organizations to join the campaign by:

  • Sending photos holding the campaign banner or videos with messages of solidarity (maximum duration of 1 minute).
  • Holding demonstrations at Brazil embassies and consulates – or in other symbolic locations.
  • Doing stencil collages or visual interventions near Brazil embassies and consulates.

All campaign image files can be downloaded here and all photos and videos can be sent to: [email protected]Attached we send you the resolutions on the Brazilian situation, approved during the last Regional Meeting.


2) MENA campaign.

WFDY calls on a Solidarity Campaign 73rd anniversary of NakbaOn the 73rd anniversary of Nakba, we reiterate our commitment to the Palestinian people and their right to return, we condemn the Zionist occupation, and we demand today more urgently than ever the freedom of the Palestinian prisoners to guarantee their health, we demand the end of settlements especially the recent oppression that is happening in Shiekh Jarrah where Palestinian families are facing eviction from their Jerusalem homes in the Shiekh Jarah neighbourhood as zionist courts have ruled that Israeli settlers can move in Palestinian homes in the East Jerusalem.
Remember that you can find our analysis of the Palestinian cause made at our 20th General Assembly in our ISSUU:
Recently held WFDY’s Regional Meeting in the Middle East and North Africa where was approved a Solidarity Campaign on the 73rd anniversary of Nakba.
For this reason, WFDY launches the solidarity campaign  “Solidarity Campaign 73rd anniversary of Nakba”   to be held from 12 of May – 17 May.

3) Important statements published.