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PDYU on Palestine

By General Secretary of PDYU

The General Secretary of “PDYU” condemns the criminal Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and calls for the largest mass movements in support of the Palestinian people.

The General Secretary  of the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union “PDYU” condemns the most severe criminal attacks launched by the Israeli army, using the most powerful air force in the world, against the besieged Gaza Strip, targeting innocent civilians in homes and destroying residential apartments, which has led to the death of more than 55 Palestinian martyrs, including 14 children and 3 women, and wounding More than 320, in the context of their continuing criminal attacks against the Palestinian people in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood
The General Secretary of the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union “PDYU” affirms that the time has come for the international community to put an end to this systematic Zionist crime against the Palestinian people and their national rights, who are trying to commit a new catastrophe against the Palestinian people by threatening more than 500 Palestinian families with forced expulsion in favor of illegal settlers.
The General Secretary of the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union “PDYU” calls on the United Nations and international human rights and humanitarian organizations to take a clear position on these criminal military operations and the killing of defenseless civilians in a wide range of international resolutions and the charter of human rights and to provide full protection for the Palestinian people.
General secretary of “PDYU” also calls on the left and friendly youth organizations of the Palestinian people to move urgently, to organize wide stands in support of the Palestinian people, to expose these continuous violations, to deliver the voice of the Palestinian people to the international media, and to organize support campaigns through social networking sites.
Emphasizing that the Palestinian people have the full right to defend their land and their national rights as guaranteed by international law

General Secretary of “PDYU”
International Relations