League of Young Communists USA News

Construction of the Soviet Flag

By Victoria C., LYC Louisiana

Soviet flags are a symbol of the working class. They where the national
flags of the Soviet Union. These flags are actually made quite
differently from other flags. Specifically the 1980 construction
specifications of the soviet flag defines these flags. They can vary a
little bit. These flag’s variations where manufacture dependent, but
they all have similar qualities. 1:2 ratio of the fabric. For an
example, a Soviet flag can be 160cm wide and 80cm tall. This follows the
1:2 ratio the soviet Government instated on these flags. Another
interesting thing about these soviet flags is that they wrap around the
pole with the red fabric. Instead of hooking onto a rope. Here is the
official construction sheet of the state flag.

The hammer and sickle and start must be on one side of the flag and the
flag must be red on one side, but it is cheaper to make it on both
sides. The hammer Represents the proletariat, and the sickle Represent
the agricultural workers. These two tools being together represent the
unity of workers and agricultural workers. The red star Represents the
Bolshevik Party. The position of the red star represents the position of
the vanguard party to spearhead the revolution. To lead the workers and
peasants to communism.

The Soviet republic flags are all based on the Soviet Union flag. They
can vary from slight variations to great variations, but they all follow
the standards the Soviet government put into place. In the past there
where previous versions of the Soviet flag. With variations to the
hammer and sickle to entirely different flag. They all where red and
yellow. Typical post-1991 reproductions of the Soviet flag tend to not
respect these specifications the Soviet flag. The Soviet flag is a piece
of any communist’s heritage.