Editorial News

On The Situation in Texas

By Timothy Dirte

Line to enter a Costco in Pflugerville, Texas on February 16th, 2021

In mid-February many Texans were in the midst of a hundred year winter storm, the likes of which many had never seen before. The infrastructure of the state was never really built to withstand such a storm and that includes the energy grid. When the storm hit, very few were ready to face it. And with zero coordination, assistance or planning, the full force of the storm was brought to bear on the shoulders of the Texan people individually with hundreds of casualties and around 20 dead.

Many voices on the left have already pointed towards the criminal situation with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and its absolute failure to provide Texas with reliable power. They very well knew that a storm like this was probable, and refused to build the infrastructure to handle it. To make matters worse, they possess sovereign immunity which prohibits any lawsuits putting them at fault for the dead and injured as a result of power outages. 

We know that as climate change progresses, these storms will continue to get worse. And the cannibals that control these unelected entities for monopoly-capital will also continue to throw the American people under the bus to make a buck. Whether one “agrees” with the scientific fact of climate change or not, the reality of the increasing devastation will force a qualitative shift in the organization of society very soon.

Had there been public administration of power in Texas, there would not have been such a disaster that we see now. Any fool with eyes can see that. Nowhere else in the world does something like this happen. It is only because of these corporations desperate for profit that nothing significant was done to withstand this storm. And despite the deceiving designation of ERCOT as a non-profit corporation, they openly admit that they must make energy production profitable for plants to be built in Texas. This means offloading the cost of disaster onto the workers who will pay with their lives in many cases. ERCOT is just a front organization for the unadulterated despotism of finance capital.

Similar to the situation with the administration of power in Texas run almost wholly by a corporation, we can see clearly how this will play out for the recent push to construct entire corporate, unelected governments in Nevada. Monopoly capital is desperate to escape the bounds of bourgeois-democracy, and will fully put the burden of crisis on the backs of the American people. The very crisis orchestrated by monopoly-capital. 

With each passing day it becomes clearer how anti-people the US bourgeoisie is. They are a parasite on the American people. They pit us against each other and then leave us to die while their wealth balloons during a crisis. As they continue to attempt an escape from the bounds of bourgeois democracy they will undoubtedly devise more fascistic methods of control which will develop amidst the growing popular resistance to their anti-democratic and despotic policies. 

But the American working class is no longer capable of being kept politically ignorant. All the lies and diversions are falling with the deepening crisis of world capitalism. The situation in Texas is not an indication of strength, but of decay. It indicates a low rate of profit, of capital scrambling to escape industrial production and the crisis of overproduction, yet compounding its severity, and of the class struggle in America approaching an epochal event which will land the deciding blow to world capitalism and mark its final decline. 

Intricately tied to the situation in Texas is the international decline of US hegemony, and its inability to find enough markets capable of accepting its highly industrial commodities. As nations around the world industrialize, it becomes a direct fetter on the development of industry in the US which is over-industrialized and unable to further concentrate industrial forces within its borders. Crises of over-production take on increasingly more violent characteristics as a result.

Therefore, the drive toward fascism is accelerating and the destruction of the world once more will be the only possible way for the US to further build its industry. 

Texas and the conditions of the pandemic right now proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how vital it is for our people to have a National Health Service, a radical rise in wages, a shortened work week, a massive extension of social insurance and services, the right to a job, the nationalization of all banks and basic industries, enormous infrastructure projects, national economic planning, and the establishment of an independent coalition party of the American workers.

The workers must take a stand! We must agitate, educate, organize, unionize, and build the communist party to defeat US fascist reaction!