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Nazi Robert Rundo Expelled From Serbia

By League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia

The great victory of SKOJ and anti-fascism in Serbia. American neo-Nazi Robert Rundo was expelled from Serbia, so on Thursday, February 11, he was escorted by the police to the border crossing Trbusnica with Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a reminder, SKOJ launched a campaign against this Nazi criminal because:

  1. Rundo is a convicted member of a New York gang.
  2. He is the founder of the racist organization “Rise Above Movement”. He believes that “Western civilization is threatened by Muslims, migrants and Jews.” Rundo in the United States is awaiting the outcome of court proceedings for causing riots in street protests.
  3. There are photographs, as irrefutable proof of Robert Rund’s participation in writing offensive graffiti at the Tomb of People’s Heroes on Kalemegdan in Belgrade.
  4. Robert Rundo is the financier of a network of ultra-right extremists called “Belgrade Nationalists”. Two members of that group were recently arrested and will be tried for desecrating and extinguishing the Eternal Fire at the Cemetery of the Liberators of Belgrade.

Rundo founded the company in Serbia not in order to realize economic activity, but as a screen for organizing and financing the activities of ultra-right groups in our country.

As the owner of a company in Serbia, Rundo had the status of a foreign investor with the right of residence that could be renewed. In that way, Rundo tried to insure himself and create an opportunity for himself not to respond to the call of the American judicial authorities.

By marketing its products, Rund’s company “Will2Rise” spreads the neo-Nazi, xenophobic and racist ideology that are banned in our country, and therefore our request to the Business Registers Agency to delete that company from the records remains. The fact that a convicted criminal and ultra-right extremist is someone who legally operates in Serbia can greatly compromise and endanger the reputation of the economy and business community of our country. Therefore, we continue to call on APR to initiate the procedure for deleting Robert Round from the register of the company “Will2Rise” and to inform us in a timely manner about the pace of implementation of that process.

The expulsion of the Round is a small but very significant victory of anti-fascism in Serbia. SKOJ will continue to uncompromisingly oppose the fight of vampirization of that evil, and accordingly calls on all anti-fascists to join it in that fight.

Secretariat of the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia,

  1. 2021,
    White City.