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Biden Administration Announces its Support for Juan Guaido as Interim President of Venezuela

A Continuation of Trump’s Policy of Regime Change Toward the South American Country…

By Tommy Gonzales

As well as continuing deadly sanctions, recently appointed secretary of state Anthony Blinken informed the senate that the Biden administration would continue U.S. recognition of Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela.

Despite signing 33 executive orders aimed at reversing Trump administration policy thus far, we saw a stark display of bi-partisan support around the question of regime change in Venezuela as no attempts were made to reverse the current U.S policy toward the south American country. Although, Blinken has expressed that the administration would like to “more effectively target” sanctions and look into humanitarian aid, showing that a difference in implementation is at least being suggested in word.

U.S support for Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela began under the Trump administration, when dubious and unsubstantiated accusations of election fraud were thrown at the Maduro government for its 2018 victory.

Guaido, once a relatively mid-tier figure in the Venezuelan Opposition party, was for a long time active in far-right factions focused on street confrontations against those supportive of the Chavista government. In 2010, it was shown that Guaido and several oppositionists had attended a 5-day meeting in Mexico where they planned a long-term strategy for street violence and protests that they hoped would result in the fall of then President Hugo Chavez. According to emails obtained by Venezuelan security forces, the U.S. backed Serbian student group Otpor, who were heavily involved of the breakup of socialism in former Yugoslavia, orchestrated the meeting.

Recently, Guaido became a source of controversy when his name was linked to an unsuccessful coup attempt involving U.S. mercenaries. Florida based private security firm Silvercorp was captured by the House of Socialist Fisherman on a quiet Venezuelan seaside town as they failed to invade the country. A leaked 41-page contract outlined how Guadio proposed to pay Silvercorp 212.9 Million dollars to arrest or “remove” President Maduro.

In 2015, it should not be forgotten that Obama paved the groundwork for the Trump administrations hawkish approach toward Venezuela by declaring it a threat to U.S national security and hitting them with a round of sanctions, a move that led to widespread food shortage in the country. This enabled the Trump administration to exert its “maximum pressure’ campaign once it took office. The ball has passed this time to the Biden administration who has thus far shown overwhelmingly agreement and “unity’’ on the regime change strategy currently aimed at Venezuela.