Editorial News Party of Communists USA

On The Significance of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections from the Party of Communists USA

By Timothy Dirté

Democratic candidate Biden, who is poised to become president, has polled nearly 75 million votes, while Republican incumbent president Trump has polled nearly 71 million votes. Libertarian candidate Jorgensen has polled almost 2 million, Green Party candidate Hawkins has around 350,000, and Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate has 60,000 votes.

For 167 years, the strength and solidity of the so-called Democratic and Republican parties has been built upon the political liberty of the US bourgeois-republic. Because of this, bourgeois reform (a deception of reforming bourgeois democracy to reconcile class contradictions) has dominated and quelled socialism. But over time, political liberty giving the false  hope of reform has waned, especially in the past few elections which have seen internal struggles within the Democratic and Republican parties and their subsequent splits.

This decay of the bipartisan system is compelled by the growing strength of the working class movement and the growth of socialism. In subsequent years, the decay of the dominant bourgeois parties will become even more pronounced.

Already, the American people grow increasingly aware of the meaninglessness behind the messages of the Democrats and Republicans which is showcased by the growing costs associated with their campaigns that struggle to prove what differentiates them beyond petty policies that have little importance to the average worker. In total, nearly $14 billion has been spent by both major parties towards the election.

This year however, the economic crisis, oppressed peoples protesting, the pandemic, and its subsequent economic and social consequences, has all been thrust into the forefront. By economic necessity and survival, the American worker has been shaken from their philistine rut and must engage with politics. This is proven by the fact that participation has been growing since the financial crisis of 2008, with this year set to break all records for participation. Democratic candidate Biden, a president who promised that “nothing will fundamentally change” with their election, has already earned the most votes for a US president in our national history at nearly 75 million. Over 10 million more than Clinton received when she won the popular vote in 2016.

Yet it is precisely the question of changing the fundamentals of our country which has compelled our recent instability, and which dominates the economic and political discussion of the American people. Do Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people here deserve self-determination or not? Is capitalism to continue or not? Are we to implement a rational and scientific response for the pandemic and climate change or not?

A question equally as important is how many more times will the American people put up with a president which did not win the popular vote? Trump’s campaign has filed numerous lawsuits in several states desperately trying to clench victory away from Biden to once more refute the popular will of the people. In fact, Trump quite commonly associates Biden and their running mate Harris with socialism in order to undermine their credibility and explain their supposed election cheating.

Although both parties of the bourgeoisie accuse each other of socialist sympathies, the truth of the matter is that these “insults” are just a play on the purposefully cultivated anti-socialist sentiments among the American people in order to pull the workers away from communism and back towards bourgeois reformism. But these sentiments are quickly eroding away with the growth and political development of the US working class.

Make no mistake, this election is about more than the individuals involved. They are both a reflection of world capitalism at a historically definite stage of development and the relation of forces involved in the class struggle. In relation to Russia, it is no secret why the Democratic party has crafted Russia and China into boogeymen. It seeks, ultimately, to penetrate the national markets of these countries and enslave the people to the interests of US finance capital.

Though, even under the Trump administration, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ruthlessly pursued financial and military encirclement of Russia and China. Whether the US President is a Republican or Democrat, US finance capital is unified in its conquest of these powers that are competing for the re-division of the world market. Trump’s failure to openly pillage the world has necessitated a momentary change of tactic. Biden then only represents those elements of finance capital that see this conquest requiring a disguise.

This also means that oppressed peoples of the world are in a worse, more intensely threatened position than under Trump, as Biden and the Democratic party are experienced and competent imperialists. The presidency of Biden is a continuation of the global US hegemony furthered under president Obama.

However, the most reactionary sections of finance capital are beginning to see our bourgeois-republic become a barrier to the continuity of their class position with mounting popular resistance to their attempts to offload the crisis onto the backs of the American and global working class. The victory of fascism looms in the US. Despite the fact that its historically defined US character (as seen in the likes of Huey P. Long and the American Liberty League) has yet to rear its ugly face completely, it is still plainly seen developing in the jingoism of both the Republicans and Democrats with their growing sympathy toward fascist-like policies which aim to combat and crush our present popular resistance. We must also be mindful of the similarities and parallels between the sentiment to “drain the swamp” and deceptive fascist “anti-capitalist” rhetoric.

In fact, as explained by Georgi Dimitrov during the 7th congress of the Comintern, the fascists seek to revise history and imbue it with bourgeois sympathies in order to justify their despotism and oppression of the working class. The recent “1776 Commission” by president Trump has this same aim to promote a “patriotic” education of American history purposefully to combat the extent to which many Americans have become aware of the anti-people history of our bourgeois-republic.

The bankruptcy of bourgeois reformism in the US, though historically proven, has much more degradation to experience at present before the people are truly ready for “fundamental change.” As Lenin taught us, “the masses learn from life and not from books.” So, once more it must be taught to the American workers through practical activity, and characteristic communist clarity in our movements leading positions, the impossibility of the “fundamental change” necessary to resolve our burning issues within the framework of our bourgeois-republic.

Any hope of averting the victory of fascism, averting a third global imperialist war and realizing the victory of socialism here will require the further growth and development of the vanguard of the American working class in the strategic centers of labor while upholding the progressive characteristics of the working class history in the US to fight physical and spiritual degeneration, and lead the American working class on the basis of the science of Marxism-Leninism toward the possibility of social revolution!