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ENGLISH, and sorry for my very horrible english.

Comrades, I will try to be shortly but this issue is not easy for us.

On october 12, our comrade FLORENCIA GOMEZ has been murdered. Many of the sister organizations maby know her since the last Camp in February was held in the town of San Jorge, province of Santa Fe, where she lived. The objective of this email is to inform you about the information that we have until today and to suggest some ways to accompany our organization and the Argentine feminist movement in the very hard task of doing justice. La Fede is really badly beaten and as national political leadership we must assume a responsibility that does not fit on our heads.

This weekend would have been the 35th plurinational meeting of women, lesbians, trans and transvestites. Flor should have been on a bus, coming back full of militant energy and joy, but unfortunately she came across a femicide or several, we still don’t know, and was murdered and probably raped as well. Pain does not enter our bodies, but what we do know is to organize anger. For Flor and for the more than 200 victims of femicides that we had in Argentina during the pandemic, we need to change the world.

Very Brief Review

Flor was a young mother, worker and comrade, a territorial and for human, women and diversities rigths activist. She had been a member of our organization for the last 6 years with very high degrees of commitment and mobilization. She approached to LA FEDE by contributing from her art to building LA PLAZA DEL CHE, place that was a garbage land that the comrades of San Jorge transformed into a square and social center of the neighborhood. Flor got up to build a better world every day, and for that she studied, trained, worked, while exercising a beautiful motherhood with her two beautiful babies who today should not find consolation. Paradoxically, she was the head of gender work on San Jorge and this weekend she had completed her training to be a promoter of the Micaela Law, a law that is the result of the fight for justice for Micaela García, a 21-year-old young girl militant of the MOVIMIENTO EVITA victim of a femicide in 2017

Flor went out on October 12 after noon for a walk, she was going to meet a friend and she left her two girls as usualy at the house of Comrade Lisandro “Lichi” Schiozzi, comrade of La Fede too, councilor in San Jorge and ex couple of Flor, father of the two babies in question. Time before, Flor ́s friend called Lichi to ask if she had left because she didn’t appear at the meeting point. At approximately five in the afternoon, Flor’s lifeless body has been found lying on the side of a VERY busy rural road, just a thousand meters from the urban area. These are the certainties at the moment. They found Flor half naked, with a very strong blow to her head.

The Cause

The person in charge of the investigation is the prosecutor Carlos Zoppegni. He had many causes on his trajectory that are not exactly well treated the gender issue. Yesterday he was called for a meeting of the regional prosecutor’s office that ordered him to abandon absolutely all the ongoing cases and dedicate himself exclusively to the search for justice for Flor. At the moment he has acted irresponsibly, revealing details of the autopsy to the television cameras even before these reports reach the court and the family, who of course appeared as the “plaintiff” in the case. (I’m very sorry, some tecnical words are really out of my translator capacity and maby they are wrong). For this reason, we want to encourage you to only replicate the information that we give from LA FEDE, because it is very usually that opinions and cross information contribute to confusion and dirty the case. Unfortunately misogyny came to label the case as “homicide”, we hope that today it will be changed to “femicide”. The idea of JUSTICE within the bourgeois codes are tied to find victim and perpetrator, find motive and establish reparation . Flor was murdered, beyond what bourgeois justice find, the fact is that there will be no possible reparation. That is why from our organization we are firmly determined that we conquer that “justice” by working on new prevention programs. The Provincial Executive Power, also the national one and of course the parliaments, are called for that. Ina few hours we will have a meeting with the Minister of Gender of the province of Santa Fe, with the aim of clarifying the participation of the Executive Power in this case, and it is very possible that we will be able to arrange other meetings during the day.


The spanish version has the details of our movilization during those days, but as a non-latin american organizations we think that this information has no importance for you. We have received numerous messages from you during these days, either in social media or in a personal way. We really appreciate this, we feel accompanied by our comrades from all sides. Knowing that Flor’s photo is arround the whole world encourages us to multiply our efforts. I want to ask you to join our justice demand. The use of the hashtag #JusticiaParaFlorencia is important, it helps us in order to intensify anger. As I told you, we have serious doubts about the progress in legal terms of the investigation. For this reason, the pressure we exert is essential, especially this week, which is the crucial moment to find suspects, proceed with the investigative statements and continue to search more clues on the criminal scene. Obviously, the dissemination that could be made in the Latin american region will be especially significant.

Today October 14th in the afternoon we will be mobilizing in ROSARIO, SANTA FE MAIN CITY AND CARLOS PELEGRINI, the natal town of Flor. Tomorrow october 15th we will make a national protest in every argentinian city and of course, in Buenos Aires the country capital. I would like to emphasize that Sunday is Mother’s Day in Argentina and a significant part of our national direction will be with Flor`s family and comrades at San Jorge.

The political head of this case is Mauro Haddad, General Secretary of La Fede, Ivana Estéfano, National Organization Secretary and Rebeca Barberán, National Gender Secretary. I’m with them working, of course, and being the contact for -poor- english translations if you ask for+54911 31522167. I will be at San Jorge on the weekend and at the main mobilization tomorrow in Buenos Aires.

The press activity is on Lucas Alfieri, National Communications Secretary +54911 66452235

I hope I have been understood despite my english. As you all know, the international impact is very appreciated for our organization and comrades.We trust that we will plant a thousand flowers in every country that has a communist youth organization. Please, join us to make justice for our comrade Flor.Attached you will find some pictures, flyers and the political declarations. Please, consider that the efforts are concentrated on argentinian an latin american feminist mouvement so we will not translate the orientations but if you have the need of, just text me and i will do it for you. If you want to join your organization ́s signature, just reply to this email.


Equipo de Relaciones Internacionales y Solidaridad entre los Pueblos.Comité Central – Federación Juvenil Comunista de la Argentina