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2020 Election Results: Is Biden the Better Alternative?

By Caleb W.

There’s been a whole lot of fuss lately over the election. Liberals have been celebrating Biden’s victory as a “win for democracy” while conservatives have been decrying the election as fraudulent. The claims made by Trump and his supporters are a topic for another day, but the question remains: is Biden really the better alternative? Is “voting blue no matter who” an effective strategy? Will the next 4 years really be much better than Trump’s presidency? These are the questions which I hope to address.

To start off, let’s look at Biden’s record: as Obama’s Vice President, Biden oversaw the bombing of numerous countries. To be more specific: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, and Syria were all bombed during the Obama administration. It wasn’t just terrorists killed in these bombings either, in fact, drone strikes kill civilians 90% of the time. Being involved in politics for decades, Biden was also involved in the 1994 crime bill which helped to form law enforcement as we know it today. Additionally, when the BLM protests ramped up earlier this year, Biden suggested “shooting protestors in the legs” as an alternative to the brutality which the cops had enacted on the American people. Biden has not promised to fix any of the problems that people are currently facing, either. In fact, he has gone on record saying that “nothing will fundamentally change”.

All of that is to say nothing of his rape allegations. As much as liberals would like to sweep it under the rug, Biden is just as much a rapist as Trump is. His mental health has also been called into question a number of times, given the footage that can be found of his speeches. He sometimes struggles to find his words, says nonsensical things, and gets off topic. Most infamously, he once said during a speech that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids”. Did he get his words mixed up or was this a Freudian slip?

Or how about Kamala Harris, the new Vice President? A woman becoming VP is surely a win for women everywhere, right? Well it certainly isn’t a win for the women she threw in prison. It’s certainly not a win for the trans women she put in men’s prisons. Kamala Harris is a woman in a powerful position, but she trampled on the rights of innumerable other women in the process. Let us not forget either, that in a year marked with massive protests against law enforcement, Biden chose a cop as his VP. Put simply, a woman in office is not a victory for women everywhere if her policies actively harm the working class and marginalized groups. Just as Obama did not improve black people’s situation, Kamala Harris will not improve the situation for women.

With all this in mind, the strategy of voting for the Democrats no matter what candidate they put in front of us doesn’t seem like a good idea. It sets a precedent that the Democrats will get your vote regardless of who they pick as a front-runner, because the other option is inevitably worse. The phrase “choosing the lesser of two evils” has been used a lot, and it’s unclear if the people using it have thought through its implications. If both candidates running for president are “evil”, then what does that say about the system as a whole? More importantly, shouldn’t something be changed if that’s the case? Evidently, it is high time that people start looking for alternatives, because the two-party system has failed us time and time again.

So overall, it seems that Biden is not much better than Trump. If he is better at all, it is only by a tiny amount. The 2020 election will not amount to much and our current problems will persist. Because while the Republicans are wolves who openly bare their teeth, the Democrats are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They’ll hide their intentions behind nice-sounding platitudes, but in the end they’re all imperialists who uphold the capitalist system.